SOL’E aka The Jazzy Rapper is a french hip hop award-winning artist and composer.
He was born in a time when Jazz met Hip Hop. Thus, he’s known for his clean and positive message, and his emotion-filled writings. Sol’e rhymes mostly on jazz, soul and funk inspired instrumentals.

The Jazzy Rapper is the kind of artist looking for the right balance between creativity and giving fans music they can enjoy in any circumstances. After all, music is entertainment, isn’t it ?
Constantly working to get better, SOL’E ‘s ultimate goal is to make you remember his name through the quality of his work. After self-releasing The RAINBOW Volume 1 a couple months ago, SOL’E is already planning the release of The Mellow Rainbow EP to showcase his production skills. Give his music some listen.

Give his music a listen. Start with his award winning song : Where’s The Sunshine ?